Recruiters are human and we like to be right! If your CV or application jumps out at a recruiter and puts ticks in their boxes, they are likely to instinctively want you for the job.  Despite all the PC rules and equality training, people are still affected by such first impressions and this impacts on how they interview you, how they benchmark your performance against the competition, and how they argue for the final decision.  Our CVs and applications have that impact and result in a high ratio of interviews to applications, with an equally high conversion to job offers. We can work with you in person to construct your paperwork or via email, Skype and the telephone.  

When your CV/application gets you to interview we provide you with the coaching to perform at the high level required to eclipse your competition.  We give you the confidence to perform, deal with nerves, and enable you to get your body language and voice right.  Most importantly, we show you how to live the job at interview and set yourself apart from other candidates.  If you have a presentation to deliver, we work with you to produce it and to deliver a polished and high impact performance.  If you are at an assessment centre, we show you the way to stand out from the crowd.  These strategies have enabled our clients to get top leadership roles and leave you with lasting skills to use in your new role.


That old chestnut: “It’s not what you’s who you know” is truer than you think!  We work with you to analyse your networks, your stakeholders, the people who make decisions that can make a difference to your career and your life.  We assist you with strategies to maximise your networking, your ability to connect with and influence the right people, avoid or ‘neutralise’ the wrong people, enabling you to open up new possibilities for your career.  We also offer you skills and strategies to place yourself in the right place to be noticed and show you how to make a telling impact.

Getting your message right to make recruiters sit up and take notice!
Getting inside the mind of the interviewer and ticking all the right boxes.
Other approaches to create employment opportunities