The impact of redundancy is often devastating, hitting confidence, destabilising home life, creating stress and doubt, which when coupled with long-term financial uncertainty, can feel like trying to walk up a downward escalator.  We assist you to achieve a positive state of mind, to focus on solid goals and to develop clear plans to move your career and life forward.  Whether redundancy has left you reeling or pragmatic, this approach will quickly put in place a practical, achievable strategy for either moving you back into employment or exploring other options such as self-employment, working retirement, etc.

Our approach is anchored in a track record of success with hundreds of people from Chief Executive to those in long-term unemployment. Tailored to your unique requirements, we work closely with you to get the paperwork (CVs & Applications, etc.) right, provide you with networking strategies, coach you for interviews (formal or informal), prepare you for assessment days.  Where required, we assist you to improve or enhance your presentation and rapport skills.  On re-employment, we can work with you to actively manage the people and work issues arising from the new role on an ongoing basis over a number of months assisting you to establish yourself as a force in the new organisation.

Threat of redundancy can be highly destabilising, affecting confidence and performance when it is essential that you ‘up your game’! Similarly, redundancy can leave anxieties even after quick re-employment.  For survival, we coach you to successfully apply for your own job and pass interviews.  To raise your profile and out-perform your ‘competitors’, an executive coach works with you to develop an array of skills proven for success at both corporate and management levels.  These include, strategic thinking, critical decision making, advanced rapport building, high impact communication/ presentation skills, personal effectiveness, managing conflict and political manoeuvring.  

Putting you back on your feet with purpose and strategies to move you forward.
Proven strategies for getting your career back on track.
Strategies and practical skills for surviving in your current or new job.