Whether you are at Board Level, a senior or junior manager, investing time to establish long term career goals is essential for success, motivation and a satisfying working life.  We assess your career drivers, your psychological/sociological work preferences and your motivators to establish benchmarks for future career roles.  We also review your career track record for achievements and patterns of how you have delivered in your roles.  We assist you to establish solid goals that fit with who you are and to plan detailed strategies for progressing from your current position to your next with longer term plans for moving beyond that.

Those ‘in the know’, recognise that progression is often disproportionately influenced by the hidden politics in the organisation.  There is a shadow-side where personal connections and behind the scenes interactions make a difference.  This is not a PC view, but most people know this truth.  We establish the extent of that reality within your workplace and give you the skills and know-how to play the more covert game of influencing and politics.  We also develop your overt ability to influence and build rapport through strategic awareness, rapport techniques and communication excellence.  We enable you to develop gravitas, authenticity plus a presence that gets you noticed and accelerates progression.

For some people retirement is a stepping stone to a world of non-executive positions, advisory roles, and highly paid consultancy.  The transition from business leader to retired ‘dignitary’ needs planning and positioning.  We assist you to plan that transition, identify where to network and how to reinvent yourself and sell your expertise and currency.  We are able to advise on recreating your office environment with an effective IT infrastructure, developing a credible web site, creating a personal/business brand, coupled with guidance on maximising your pension/tax positions and other financial advice to ensure your longer term retirement is secure.

Tried and trusted approaches to taking control of your current and future working life.
Overt and covert strategies to accelerate your career advancement.
Planning for those who want to capitalise on their working currency in retirement.