We provide a number of high quality career support interventions for staff either under the threat of redundancy or already displaced.  Specific modules include: “Surviving redundancy and planning next steps”, “Self marketing - getting the paperwork right”, “Interview techniques”, “Networking and job search”, “New job - skills to keep it”, “Alternatives to employment I - new business planning”, Alternatives to employment II - active retirement”.  These modules can be delivered independently or sequenced together as part of a larger programme.  We have a first class reputation for kick-starting people towards new employment and enabling them to sustain future success.

We offer support packages to those facing redundancy or already displaced, consisting of face-to-face sessions, telephone/Skype and email support, covering areas such as confidence building, career planning, paperwork (CV/Applications) drafting, interview coaching, networking strategies and so on.  This support is often provided as a follow up to career workshops but can be provided independently.  Employers will often secure a number of sessions which are delivered to relevant personnel as and when required.  These services are often offered as a part of a redundancy package or as part of a compromise agreement.

This might be aimed at a staff member who is unhappy in their role, perhaps not performing, and who is demotivated.  The employer might be concerned about a drop in effectiveness or the impact on other employees and the agenda may be to encourage that person to move on or to improve. These sessions are tailored to the employee who would complete a number of self-assessments to ascertain key work drivers/motivators, agree career goals, and plan how to achieve those.  If their path is within their current organisation, we coach them in the skills to turn things around.  If they wish to move on, we are able to support them in making a successful career transition.

Tailored support to move people back into employment
Getting people on track to make positive career transitions
Turning around ailing careers and boosting performance